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Church Road Park is a recreational area consisting of a small playground, a gazebo, a pond where a family of ducks live, a large field that can be used for various activities, picnic tables and a historic mural. The park first gained life as a collaborative project between the Town of Grand-Falls Windsor and the Government of Canada. The park had its grand opening in 1985 on August 5th. There have been concerts and other events hosted at this location, as well as people going to see the ducks during the summer, or to relax near the water. The park gains its name from being near three churches and a large and beautiful cathedral. A couple years ago, one of the churches caught on fire but it has since had the required renovations.

Edit: The family of ducks that used to live at Church Road Park have moved to Gorge Park

Gorge Park with a pond and gazebo in the background.

[This is the pond. It's where the ducks like to hang out!]

Gorge Park with tall leafless trees and a playground.

[This is the jungle gym where many great childhood memories take place!]